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Jeremy Pollet
Embodied Psychoanalysis: A Treatment for Complex PTSD

November 21, 2019, 7 pm at NIP
While it is common these days for individuals seeking help with PTSD to be steered toward short-term physiologically based remedies like EMDR, Jeremy Pollet makes a compelling case that long-term psychoanalytic treatment offers great potential for deep healing and psychological growth for adults with symptoms of complex relational trauma (C-PTSD). Pollet will discuss his use of embodied attention, the focus on physically felt inner experiences in the present moment. Embodied attention can be a key tool for reaching the damaged parts of a patient’s early lived experience, such as infant and childhood broken attachment, and for diminishing symptoms including chemical and non-chemical addictions. Blending theory and practice of both psychoanalysis and somatics, Pollet will share how embodied psychoanalysis has been a useful approach to healing the life-alienating shame with which patients with C-PTSD struggle.

Brian Pendergast
IF BREAKING THE FOURTH WALL STOPS THE SHOW – The Use of Interpretation in a Post-Classical and Postmodern Psychoanalytic World

January 9, 2020, 7 pm at NIP
How does the tenet of psychoanalytic interpretation fit into a postmodern cultural context that espouses multiplicity of self? Starting from Atlas and Aron’s musings on Ferenzci’s dramatic dialogue, and collaborating with Bromberg’s ideas of dissociation and multiple self states, this paper explores how the metaphor of theater can give us a preview of how to utilize and think about psychoanalytic interpretation.

Sandra Farber
Finding Home: Recognition and Undoing of Shame In Children of Immigrants

April 23, 2020, 7 pm at NIP
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