Board of Directors


Tanya Leach, JD, LP – President
Jen Handler, JD, LCSW – Vice President
Patti Moore, LCSW – Secretary
Aaron Agne, LCSW – Treasurer

Members At Large

Steven Green, LCSW
Sasha Hare, LCSW
Janice Kline, LCSW
Maryann Marston, LCSW
Kate Schaper, LCSW
Shari Steinberg, LP

Candidate Representatives

Michael Scheman, Third Year
Michelle Nachmani, LMSW, Third Year

NIP Board Liaisons

James L. Fosshage, PhD
Kenneth A. Frank, PhD
Merrill Schneiderman, LCSW
Caryn Sherman-Meyer, LCSW
Rachel Sopher, LCSW

Contact Us


71 West 23rd Street, Suite 1400, New York, NY 10010

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